Welcome to the Sunday Market

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Welcome to the Sunday Market

Here youll be able to see what will be available at the you local market

The Sunday Market allows you to get a sneak peak at what is going to be available in your local market. Here you can view the list of fantastic shops, browse their latest products, or see what categories are available at your local market.

Will you be selling at the market?

Sign up now to show off your products ahead of the big day.

You’re going to visit the market? Click here to see what your market will have available beforehand.

Initially created for a programming challenge by a dev team willing to develop a solution for markets around the world.

Here’s the team:

  • Daniel Penaloza: Daniel Penaloza is a Tijuana-base IT analyst with extensive experience in help desk, technical problems and data analyst. By now he is on process of be an a software developer with good amount of experience, having graduated in Computer Science.

  • Rafael Prallon: Engineer and Ruby developer. Knows of the concepts behind both DevOps and cloud computing. During college acted with extension, especially focused in education. Currently looking for projects to improve himself.

  • Oliver Dhillon: Product Manager. Learning Ruby/Rails to get a better technical understanding of Product Development. Has enjoyed working on a project with an international team.